TRED-eX® Fasteners & Accessories

Appropriate fasteners and accessories are available to help ease and speed installation and give you a better finished floor.


TRED-eX® TEK Screws are designed, engineered and warranted to fasten all TRED-eX mezzanine floor panels. Screw patterns and detailed installation instructions are available here.

Collated TEK Screws

  • #10 Gauge x 2” for added strength & durability
  • Collated in strips for stand-up screw guns
  • Self-drilling
  • Clear Zinc coated for longevity
  • Wings located near head to enable countersinking
  • #2 Square Drive lengthens tool life
  • Heads painted to match TRED-eX® panel finishes

Loose TEK Screws

  • #10 Gauge x 1-13/16”
  • Self-drilling
  • Phillips Square Drive Head
  • Loose for install without special equipment
  • Heads painted to match TRED-eX panel finishes

Grounding Screws for Nanotex ESD Panels

  • #2 Phillips head for easy installation
  • Self-drilling
  • Large wafer head to maximize contact with panel surface
  • TEK Drill point eliminates pre-drilling

Valley Shims

Valley shims are NOT required when installing TRED-eX mezzanine decking, but they can be helpful in speeding up installation and minimizing the field cutting of panels.

  • Made from stout 20GA steel
  • Standard size: 6” x 48” (custom sizes available)
  • Available to ship with TRED-eX panels on same truck in most cases