TRED-eXtra® is the premier resin-based composite mezzanine decking panel available for the Material Handling Industry.  Its standard 3,000 pound pallet jack capacity and Lifetime Warranty are unmatched.

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TRED-eXtra® Mezzanine Decking is available in four finishes:

  • Unfinished: The only unfinished panel rated for 3,000 pound pallet jacks
  • NANOTeX® Gray:  Independent testing shows NANOTeX® to have superior durability and be highly scratch resistant  
  • NANOTeX ESD: All of the benefits of our standard NANOTeX coating with the addition of Electrostatic Dissipative properties for static sensitive areas and equipment

Learn more about NANOTeX Coatings

  • Clear: Exceptional scratch & abrasion resistance in a clear finish that is easy to clean

TRED-eXtra® Features

  • Small 1/16” self-spacing expansion gap
  • 3,000 pound pallet jack rating
  • No spacers required to install T&G edges
  • Low linear expansion- Less susceptible to temperature and humidity changes than other industry panels
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Environmentally sustainable- Made from 100% recycled/recovered wood fiber
  • LEED credit Qualification
  • Available with NAUF Resin (No added Urea-Formaldehyde qualifies for additional LEED credits)

Fastening TRED-eXtra

TRED-eXtra can be fastened two ways— from the top of the floor or from underneath the corrugated. For topside fastening, we offer self-tapping, self-countersinking TRED-eX Tek Screws with color matched heads. Screws are offered in collated strips, for use in stand up screw guns, or loose for hand-held installation. 

See Detailed Installation Instructions on our Downloads Page. Please contact Affiliated Resources for inquiries about underside fastening.